Kids-Friendly Dentist


Kid Friendly Dentist

508 Dentist is a kid friendly dentist office located in North Attleborough, MA.  We understand the importance of developing strong oral hygiene habits, and this starts at an early age.  Before your child begins school, they should be under the care of a dentist so that they can have their teeth cleaned and examined while learning about the importance of good oral health care.  While seemingly simple, taking them to our kids friendly dentist office, twice a year, will establish a routine that most children will carry on into adulthood, giving them the best chance of having a healthy smile as they grow. 

If you live in the 02760 area, we invite you to call (508) 695-4636 and schedule an exam for your child.  Our staff is welcoming and will work with you to find a time that doesn’t interfere with their school, or your work, obligations.  As a kid friendly dentist office, we will take steps to make your appointment easier from the moment you schedule it.  At 508 Dentist, our office staff will happily mail you out any paperwork in advance so that you can complete it at home and focus on spending time with your child, rather than filling out patient forms, while physically in our office.  

Our North Attleborough office is conveniently located, and our lobby is comfortable and relaxing.  As a kid friendly dentist office, we have books and toys out so that our young patients can relax and have fun while waiting to see the dentist.  When it is there time to have their teeth examined, our staff will be both gentle and kind, taking the time to clean and examine teeth at a pace that is comfortable for your child, even if that means taking two appointments to complete a teeth cleaning.  Schedule an appointment today to experience how working with a kid friendly dentist office can be a positive experience for both you and your child.